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Life Begins at 25

To paraphrase Mark Twain… Imagine you’re Peter Vallone Jr., and imagine you’re an idiot. But I repeat myself.

Last year, the nepotistic councilmember from Queens introduced and got enacted legislation to prohibit adults under 21 from possessing everyday items that might be used for graffiti. The absurd law was quickly thrown out by the first court to come across it.

So what does lessons does Vallone learn from his humiliation? Young Pete has now introduced similar legislation — only this time aimed at any adult under 25!

According to Gotham Gazette, Vallone’s new bill, if enacted, would strictly limit possession of such weapons of mass destruction as aerosol paint, thick permanent markers and etching acid. The bill would require written permission for those traveling with these materials for work or school, or who are permitted to use the paints and markers on a particular surface or structure.

A buzz on the anti-graffiti bills has continued in classrooms where graffiti work is studied and conceptualized. Vallone said of the professor and students of a Geek Graffiti class at Parsons School of Design, “He’ll be giving his students A’s, but we’ll be giving them misdemeanors.”

It’s bad enough that Vallone pushed through unconstitutional legislation once. If they pull this same crap a second time, the next court that throws the new law out should impose some sort of serious sanction on Vallone and every councilmember who votes for it. There must be some penalty for knowingly violating your oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution.

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