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Candidates@Google: Ron Paul

Ron Paul‘s presidential campaign is the most historic of my lifetime . It is a declaration of individual adulthood by the broadband class . The level of intellectual capital which has arisen in support is awesome .

Broadband permits virtually all Paul’s own appearances and an array of remarkable independent creative work ( including a video contribution by our own SerfCity-Jim from which the image of industrial Liberty was abstracted for the ManhattanLibertarians Yahoo group home page ) to be available to anyone .

July 14 , Ron Paul was interviewed at Google by Elliot Schage , VP of communications & public affairs for a little over an hour . The level of the discussion with this incredibly talented audience is unparalleled .

Being historic , it is impossible to predict where Paul will end up in the election . He has already beaten up Giuliani and has bigger balls than all the rest of the field put together , including Hillary ( couldn’t resist ) . It looks like he has helped scare Rudy and Romney out of any YouTube debate .

If any candidate seriously needs protection from assassination , it is him .

Bob Armstrong — www.CoSy.com — 719-337-2733
Nascent 4th.CoSy http://www.cosy.com/CoSy/

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