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Change your Voter Registration by October 12 to vote for Ron Paul in the primary

Ron Paul may be running for president as a Republican but we all know he isn’t what passes for a Republican today.  At risk of being painfully obvious Republicans are just borrow-and-spend versions tax-and-spend Democrats these days.  They both want bigger government and they both want more war.

Ron Paul, of course, would change all that with a freedom philosophy based on small government and non-interventionist foreign policy i.e  end the war and cut taxes.

A few short months ago Ron Paul looked like a long shot. But that’s changing now.  A member of the campaign told me there is a chance they can win the New Hamsphire primary.   On the fundraising side they just raised $1 million in one week.  They originally had a half million goal but they blew by it so fast they doubled it – and beat that too.

America is crying out for a straight-talking, anti-war, pro-freedom leader and it seems we have found him.

Now we need to move quickly to be able to vote for him in the Republican primary.  Libertarians, Democrats and others who are not registered Republican can change their registration by October 12 to be able to vote in the primary.

New York City Board of Elections Website says:

To Change Your Party Affiliation
You can change your party affiliation by obtaining a Voter Registration Form, indicating the change and sending it to the Board of Elections. We will process the information and send you a new voter card reflecting the change in party. You cannot CHANGE your enrollment and vote in the NEW PARTY of your choice in the same year. Please Note: a change of enrollment will go into affect one week following the General Election. The last day to change your enrollment is the same as the last day to register for the General Election (25 days prior to the date of the General Election).

Don’t worry registering Republican won’t automatically turn you into a neo-con.  And you can always change back if Ron Paul isn’t nominated.

  1. MrTom
    September 30, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    That should be SUrf City but maybe You’re right. Freudian slip?

  2. Ron Moore
    October 3, 2007 at 10:56 am


    Not a slip, Freudian or otherwise. That particular play on words was completely intentional. But thanks for noticing.


  3. October 4, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    Go Ron Paul, let’s keep the momentum up from the third quarter…

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