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Political Psychotherapy

It seems that the fervour surrounding today’s primaries may, and I repeat ‘may’, be all about a moment of personal expiation. This I believe is an existential moment in American history – a time for mass psychoanalytic catharsis, and an opportunity for racial redemption and exorcism of collective guilt. In that polling booth one may confront the demons of yore.

An Obama victory may be deemed a ‘victory’ for a collective State – be it divided into red or blue.. It is a moment that race baiters despise, a moment that may seemingly erase centuries of sordid inter-group relations.

Yes, a sound political agenda may have been advanced. What counts though is its Messenger, one, through an ineffable destiny may lead this ‘great’ nation in holding hands with a third world that has long passed the test of tribal, caste, and gender tolerance in electing a leader.

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