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Welcome to New York – You Have the Right to Remain Silent…

Stories like this one pop up every few years with depressing  frequency. If you’re reading this in another, freer part of the country, try to remember that you must be completely defenseless when you travel through New York.

I am a Nevada resident, I traveled to Atlanta, GA for a school, (I am a US Government contractor), and I finished earlier than expected. I approached the airline (United) for the quickest way back to my home in Reno, Nevada. All flights were booked; the quickest way for me to get back was to spend a couple of days in NY. I have a brother in New York, so that seemed like fair deal.

I was traveling with a firearm (proficiency with a firearm is part of my job.) It was only going to be a couple of days, so I was ok with my carry on luggage, so I asked United if they could ship my luggage straight home, if I could stay in NY without it. The answer was “No”.

So I went with what was safe in CA. I had the gun in a locked box, unloaded and out of reach. I took a taxi to my brother’s house instead of the train, so it would be in the trunk out of reach. When I returned to the airport, I followed TSA regulations, and I declared the gun at the airline desk to be inspected, but there, the lady called a local police officer, and I was arrested.

I spent two days in a NY jail, a very uncomfortable experience compounded by the fact that I was weary of what would happen to me and to my record, and to my life afterwards. I am a US Government contractor and I cannot have a criminal conviction in my record. I served as a US Marine for 11 years, and I am in the process of trying to join once again. A gun charge may disqualify me from being able to serve my country again.

Read the rest here.

Hat tip: Hit & Run

  1. February 14, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    I don’t think traveling though NY was his problem so much as the fact that he stayed for two days. The NYS Penal Law (I’m not sure how it impacts NYC) allows people to travel through the State with firearms (not to be confused with shotguns and rifles) as long as they don’t make miscellaneous stops.
    What he should have done is ship his luggage home via FedEx or UPS, which, given how nasty the TSA can be is probably the best course of action when traveling anywhere with any luggage.

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