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Alton Yee at Forum on NYC Affordable Housing

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Serf City has a NEW Home!

December 19, 2011 9 comments

Serf City has a new, yet familiar, home… the Manhattan Libertarian website!

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December 14, 2011 2 comments

Saturday, January 21
11AM-4PM @ Ukranian East Restaurant, 140 2nd Avenue
New York, NY
$40 in advance/$55 at the Door

Excited to start the New Year right?  Make a resolution to fight for Liberty and stand up against collectivism.

Speakers include Carl Oberg, Executive Director of FEE, and Jim Babb of We Won’t Fly, as well as several of the Libertarian Party Presidential candidates; at the moment we have Carl Person, RJ Harris, and Bill Still confirmed!

The business meeting will take place at 11:00am to elect new officers; in order to vote one has to be a member of Manhattan Libertarian Party (MLP) which is the nominal investment of $15.  However, there is no charge just to attend the business meeting.  After the election, is the Luncheon and Speakers.

Ron Paul and the Individual

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

In today’s world, people are quick to pass on thinking for themselves, often deferring to some group’s opinion.  People that claim to be for the rights of this or that minority are often the first to forget about the rights of the individual — AND, after all, isn’t the individual the smallest ‘minority’ around?

Now, individuals, SMART individuals, are taking time out of their day to voice their opinion, for example, check out this extensive personal endorsement of Ron Paul on SectorFej. OR, this USMC Veteran’s endorsement, or this excellent op-ed in Forbes on why Ron Paul should be President.

On the other hand, from the kind of play Ron Paul gets in the media, you’d think there was a concerted effort by establishment politicians to stop him (on the right, and the left!)  Newsmax does a pretty good job laying it out.

Ron Paul resonates because the foundation of his beliefs are based out of respect for the individual, and when it is the right’s of the individual that are held in the highest esteem (as opposed to the collective rights of some special interest), everyone wins.

Food for thought: when a husband and wife hate each other but decide to stay together ‘for the children,’ are those children better off with two parents festering with resentment and aggression, perhaps committing adultery, or domestic violence against one another… or are those children better off with divorced parents, getting twice as many presents (from their respective step-families) during the holidays, and valuing them all the more because they may or may not see them every day.  How many instances can you think of where ‘selfishness’ serves ‘the group’ better than direct attempts at serving ‘the group?’